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Zeeshan leads the marketing efforts of Walk to Himalayas and continues to expand it footprints across the country. He leads all the B2B marketing activities including brand development and experience, customer relationship marketing, public relations and traffic expansion.

Prior to Walk to Himalayas, Zeeshan worked in one of the top Financial firms, proficient in trading and managing clients’ funds in the stock market. He is a people’s person and easily connects to people of all walks of life.
Zeeshan likes diversity, which is why he loves nature as well as the urban atmosphere. Backpacking and spontaneous travel keeps him spirited and rejuvenated. He also loves to get to know different cultures and ways of life. He has tried his stint in Aroma and Wine industry. His spiritual quest leads him to pursuing Reiki and his healing attribute and pleasing disposition. The silent serene demeanour can be very deceptive to the mischievous side to him.

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