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Curious. Seeker. Learner. Full of contradictions. Chirpy. Cheerful. Occult. Outgoing. Shy. Talkative. Deep. Diving deep to the inner world through all the voyages in the outer world. Environmentalist. Maverick. Patriot.
Her quest to live life raw and in its sheer purity, makes Latika inquisitive about meditation, yoga, music, travelling and varied cultures. Enjoys cartoons as much as she is intrigued by our Vedas. If it’s the first time, it’s almost all the time a ‘yes’ from her. ‘Young enough to know I can, Old enough to know I shouldn’t. Stupid enough to do it anyway.’…that’s Latika for you.
From coding software programs to preparing winning IT proposals to wobbling her way through Finance industry, she finally chose to pursue her dreams of nurturing Walk to Himalayas with her partner in business and life, Siddhartha.
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