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Walking in the Indian Himalayas

Mariellen Ward is an award-winning professional travel writer based in Toronto and Delhi. She is a journalist by profession and has written for leading Canadian and international newspapers, magazines and online sites . Her passion is travel in India, the underlying theme of my writing is “meaningful adventure travel” and she is also an advocate of women’s solo travel. Though Canadian by birth, she considers India to be her muse and her “soul culture.” She recently visited Kosi Valley Retreat and here’s what she says about her visit! Here’s how to access and enjoy the spectacular Himalayan region of India CAN YOU IMAGINE walking and trekking among the Himalayas, the mightiest mountain range on earth? Fascinating and daunting, wreathed in religious mythology and mountaineering lore,...
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A slice of heaven in untrodden corners of Almora, Uttarakhand

By Neelima Vallangi On a cold chilly morning, my frozen hands and toes feeling uncomfortably numb, surrounded by nothing but the solemn silence of the resolute mountains, watching the lofty Himalayan peaks slowly turn pink at sunrise, I made a promise to myself that I will come back to these mountains as many times as I can. Because there’s no good reason in this world that justifies staying away from the joy of getting lost in the infinite beauty of the Himalayas! In a forgotten valley between the famous hill stations of Almora and Kausani that have captured our imagination for long, I spent a week at Kosi Valley Retreat in the obscure yet picturesque Someshwar Valley where the River Kosi meandered quietly endowing the valley with all its might, impervious to all the attention...
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In the foothills of Himalayas,let Kosi Valley Charm you

By Neelima Vallangi Through the glass windows, I was looking at the night lift its cloak of darkness as a blue dawn fought its way through. The sun crept up the mountains that surrounded me as the first rays slowly flooded the room, the chirping of birds grew louder and I could hear the faint gurgle of the river below. I was still in bed as the orange light blinded me; I adjusted my position to keep the rays away from my face. While I have always loved the idea of waking up to first light gently falling on my face, it is not something that I got to experience a lot. But here at Kosi Valley Retreat, I went to bed every night anticipating waking up to bright sunshine. I’m not a morning person on most days, but whenever I’m in the hills, I become one. It is impossible not to, when your...
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The Most Magical Mystical Encounter with Machali

The Swahili word safari means ‘long journey’ and that is what a wildlife safari is. A long journey into the depths of nature, an adventure of exploring and appreciating the world of wilderness. If you are the one who thrives on holidays with exciting adventurous twist, then let the magic unfold. It was 2pm in the month of May. One of the hottest weeks of the year. This was my first experience of wilderness escapade. Anticipation, anxiety and excitement as we get ready to wrap ourselves well to beat the scorching desert heat of the summers. The canter honks outside the resort gate and we jumped in armed with cameras and a sense of adventure to head into the jungle. The road passes through small villages bordering large ponds where the rustic life of the locals is a delight to the eye...
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