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Simple yet Exotic – you have no choice but to simply fall in love with her

It was one beautiful misty rainy day on the winding roads of Kumaon en route to Kausani, when I first saw her. She stood there tall in her complete rawness by the roadside next to the Kosi River. She held my glance hypnotically till I lost sight of her. I knew I would see her again for sure. And that’s how this love affair began at the very first sight. In her...
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Leap of Faith

In life, each one of us at some point of time have taken this bold stride to take the leap of faith and dared to trust someone else with our life. I was fortunate to get the opportunity of a lifetime this time to literally experience this leap of faith in real while Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh. Even the thought of this experience gives a gush to my brain and...
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